Vintage 2014 Region By Region : Part 2

In Part 1, I focused solely on Bordeaux. Thanks to the Primeurs tasting that take place in April, it’s easy to get an early opinion of the overall quality of a vintage.  In this… Continue reading

2014 Region By Region Part 1 : Bordeaux

In the old Europe’s vineyards (especially the northern ones), the notion of vintage is critical. A vintage informs us on two things: the climatic conditions of that specific year and therefore the quality and… Continue reading

Wine & Chemicals

A recent study by Beverage Grades revealed excessive contents of Arsenic (a poison for the human body) in some well-known bottles on the US market such as Korbel, Cupcake, Menage a Trois, Sutter… Continue reading

Red Bordeaux, Vintage 2012 : What You Need to Know

  Two weeks ago, I attended a tasting of the 2012 Bordeaux wines in the beautiful Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami. A lot of prestigious châteaux were there, from all appellations, which gave a… Continue reading

Monthélie : A Quiet Village in Burgundy

Monthélie is a small village in the heart of Burgundy in the vicinity of better known towns, Volnay and Meursault. Monthélie is a small appellation that very few people know. It makes it an… Continue reading

The Effects of Oak Barrels on Wine

One of the most controversial topics among professionals of wine is the use of oak barrels and the taste that results from it. I was recently visiting a cooperage in Burgundy and I… Continue reading

Château Palmer, the Jewel of Margaux

Château Palmer is a (beautiful) winery located in Margaux, in the Médoc region next to Bordeaux. A third growth in the 1855 official classification, I consider Palmer, in terms of quality, a second growth. Certain… Continue reading

Cahors, the Hometown of Malbec

Cahors is a town in the southwest of France and one of the oldest wine-making region in the country. Yet, these highly historical vineyards almost completely disappeared after the phylloxera crisis (late 19th century) and… Continue reading

A Summer of Wine : Proper Temperature of Service, Food Pairing, Some Old Bottles…

– Temperature : After multiple dinners, tastings and various events all summer long, I noticed how the weather really affects our attitude towards wine and drinking in general. During summertime, wine tends to… Continue reading

Not Your Average Perspective of Saint-Emilion

In my past job as a wine broker, I was often in the Saint-Emilion area looking for Merlot wines. Contrary to what I often hear or read online, Merlot (and not Cabernet-Sauvignon) is the major… Continue reading

Limoux Part 2 : Tasting Review

There is no world class wine in Limoux. However, it is possible to find quality bottles at interesting prices. – Red wines are average for the most part. It seems like there is no real… Continue reading

Limoux is More Than What Most People Think : Part 1

Limoux is a little town in the western region of Languedoc, in Southern France. It is also the name of a wine appellation centered around the town, mainly known for its sparkling wine. Unfortunately,… Continue reading

The Famous Château Mouton Rothschild

Mouton Rothschild is a prestigious name in the wine business. This 207 acres estate is located in Pauillac, a well known appellation in the Médoc region, near Bordeaux. A combination of factors made… Continue reading

Côte-Rôtie, Rhône Valley

One of the most impressive vineyards in the country is located in the northern Rhône Valley next to the town of Vienne : Côte-Rôtie. Not only is the scenery impressive, but so is the quality… Continue reading

Château de Meursault and Its Fantastic Cellars

Last month, I spent plenty of time in four big wine making regions of France : Languedoc, Provence, Rhône Valley and Burgundy, and tasted hundreds of wines. During this amazing trip, one place really… Continue reading

Château Angélus, Saint-Emilion

Originally posted on French Wine World :
I had the opportunity to go to Château Angélus in Saint-Emilion a few times over the last months and wasn’t disappointed. A family owned vineyard since the end of…